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Ally Lee is a tattoo artist who was featured in season three of Ink Master.

She owns her own shop, Hot Rod Alley Tattoo, in Santa Cruz, California.

Ink Master Bio[]

This heavy metal/rockabilly-listening mamma is obsessed with rebuilding old hot rods when she's not busy tattooing in her own shop, Hot Rod Alley Tattoo.

When it comes to her tattoo work, Ally is just as determined and strives to please her clients. Known for her photorealism and vibrant colored floral work, Ally is determined to show the world her expertise in all styles of tattooing. A self-taught artist, Ally has refined her skills and transferred her love of drawing into a different medium, using a tattoo machine as a tool and skin as her canvas.


Submitted Portfolio[]

Elimination Challenge Tattoos[]

Ally was the fifth tattooist eliminated from season three of Ink Master.