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Yovan 'ES' Barraza is a tattoo artist who was featured in season three and nine of Ink Master.

He is a artist at Steel Points Gallery in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Ink Master Bio[]

Originally a graffiti artist, ES credits this form of street art for teaching him how to direct his creative talents and how to stay in control of almost any situation.

Although he is based out of Steel Points Gallery , ES likes to take his talent on the road as he travels up and down the East Coast, directly to his tattoo clients. He takes extreme pride in all of his original work and prefers his custom pieces over traditional styles which he feels are recycled too often.

ES is predominantly known for his use of bold, hard lines and smooth shading, which creates a clean and timeless tattoo.


Submitted Portfolio[]

Elimination Challenge Tattoos[]

ES was the eighth tattooist eliminated from season three of Ink Master.