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Sebastian Murphy is a tattoo artist who was featured in season two of Ink Master.

He is a tattoo artist at Dark Horse Tattoo Co. in Detroit, Michigan.

Ink Master Bio[]

Sebastian is a self-made man. Growing up with very little, Sebastian knew at a young age that he would be responsible for his own future. Always artistic, he became an airbrush artist as a teenager to earn his keep.

As the airbrush fad faded he began hanging out at a friend's tattoo shop drawing designs and selling them to customers who would get them tattooed. His designs became so popular that the shop offered him an apprenticeship, which Sebastian parlayed into a career. Though Sebastian prefers working in black, gray and photo realism, he describes himself as a 'ninja duplicator', meaning he can duplicate any style of tattooing. Yeah

Let’s not forget his selfish tendencies and how he completely destroyed a poor women’s back in Season 2 Finale of Ink Master. The back tattoo itself was horrible and it couldn’t have been any more opposite for the women receiving the tattoo. He also admitted on Ink Master that he would turn up the tattoo gun to get his clients to pass out if he didn’t like their attitude…stay away from this guy. His judgement and artistic skills are very questionable. Repulsive actually.


Submitted Portfolio[]

Elimination Challenge Tattoos[]

Sebastian was the thirteenth tattooist eliminated from season two of Ink Master.