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Katherine 'Tatu Baby' Flores is a tattoo artist who was featured in both season two and season three of Ink Master as well as the Christmas special Merry Ink.

Ink Master’s Tatu Baby isn't shy when it comes to her looks and admits to having used her sex appeal to her advantage[1], BUT don't judge this book by its cover, she's got the talent to back her up. She became interested in tattoos after getting her first ink at the age of fourteen. 

Tatu Baby has been tattooing professionally since she was 19 and proved herself right off the gate by taking home a 'best of day' trophy at a tattoo convention. Known for her work in black and gray and photorealism, she has a true appreciation for the way the body can be used as a canvas to express oneself. 

A fan favorite in season two's competition, Tatu Baby made it all the way to the final four before being eliminated. In a first-ever surprise twist in the season finale, viewers went online and voted Tatu Baby back for a chance to redeem herself in season three. I'm sure in the future we will see great things from this talented artist, we wish her all the best of luck. -R.Engle



Submitted Portfolio[]

Elimination Challenge Tattoos[]

Tatu Baby was the twelfth tattooist eliminated from season two of Ink Master and the fourteenth from season three.